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Watch the video:How to use your back brace. Then Contact Us for more information.
Back Brace Now Covered by Medicare and Insurances (only back pain solution covered by Medicare)
How can a backbrace help me?
  • AROUND INJURY SITE-back muscles tighten to protect from further injury, causing pain and fatigue
  • POOR POSTURE – can also put force on vertebrae causing muscle fatigue and pressure on nerves, resulting in PAIN
  • BACK BRACES SUPPORT THE BACK. Studies show this can reduce pain, improve functional status, and reduce the need for Pain Medication
  • Compression lifts and holds the weight reducing pressure and pain

The Aspen back brace has easy side pull straps to adjust the fit to your health and comfort needs.
Call a PRN Devices back pain specialist today at 1-800-748-8893 to see if your insurance will pay for all or part of the cost of a back brace!