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Diabetic Shoes

If you are covered by Medicare and qualified supplemental insurance, your Diabetic shoes may cost you nothing!

We bill other insurances as well.

Medicare ( and some other insurances) cover for those who qualify and have an order from their physician:

  • One (1) pair of therapeutic shoes per calendar year
  • Three (3) pairs of custom molded inserts

Shoes must be fit and delivered by certified personnel to assure proper quality, appearance, and fit. Our company provides this service for certain areas of the country. Call or email us for more information regarding this service.

These SHOES ARE NECESSARY FOR MANY diabetics because diabetes can cause nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy) which reduces sensation in feet. If you have neuropathy, you may not be aware you have an ulcer or wound on your foot. Diabetes an also affect blood flow in the legs and feet, making it harder for cuts or sores to heal, making a small infection very serious. The primary causes of amputation in people with diabetes are foot ulcers and non-healing wounds. WITH PROPER FOOTWEAR, MANY OF THESE PROBLEMS CAN BE PREVENTED.