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Benefits of working with prn

  • If the qualification is met, many items can be provided at no out-of-pocket costs.
  • We deliver and ship supplies at no cost discreetly and directly to you.
  • No paperwork! We handle all paperwork filing with Medicare and insurances.
  • You are never without the supplies you need because we contact you with re-order reminders.
  • We work directly with your physician to guarantee you receive the correct items.
  • We have ready-to-serve customer service representatives available to answer all your questions. Call 1.800.748.88893 to speak directly with one of our assistants.


The PRN Devices team is ready and willing to assist our customers or facilities with all their durable medical supplies needs. We offer a customer service line, 1.800.748.8893, where you can speak directly with a PRN representative.


PRN Devices offers the following consulting services:

  • Works directly with the client’s physicians to determine the best course of treatment.
  • Communicates and manages most insurance plans and policies.
  • Works directly with facilities to provide best practices, treatment plans, training, and equipment needed for patients based on individual needs.

Who We Work With

Home Health

PRN Devices assists visiting nurses and in-home staff with necessary knowledge and literature for supplies needed for the patient. Employees of home health can be assured that PRN’s staff is knowledgeable about the products and qualifications. Our team is here to guide the customer to the product that fits his/her specific needs.


Many times through the knowledge of the regulations, we can provide a product at no cost with the proper qualifications. Home health staff can be assured the patient has the specific product he/she needs promptly with fast, discreet delivery. We also follow up to make sure the patient is satisfied.


The nurses and staff of the home health facility can reduce the time they spend and can rest assured that patients using PRN as a provider have knowledgeable customer service representatives that care and will be there for the patient.

Doctors' Offices

We work with physicians and their staff members directly to explain the qualifications for Medicare and insurance on the items we provide. We reduce to the physician's office by providing the correct product to the patient on-time.


PRN Devices Provides:

  • 24/7 service, so there is no worry about getting in touch with us
  • Continuous in-service training on all of our products
  • Literature to explain any service
  • Prescription pads to reduce time spent ordering
  • Follow-ups with each patient to obtain necessary intake and insurance information
  • Fast, discreet delivery of products
  • Re-order reminders
  • Free samples to assure the comfort and satisfaction of a product
Nursing Homes

PRN Devices service to residents in nursing homes:


  • Obtain all necessary documentation so the staff does not have to
  • Assure the doctor's order is accurate and shipped timely
  • Provide any product requested
  • Provide in-service training on equipment, products, and supplies
  • Provide delivery into the facility or ship at no freight cost
  • Provide 24/7 delivery service
  • Stock product in-house

If you live at home or have a loved one who is living at home and needs medical supplies, choose PRN Devices. Our knowledgeable and caring team members will assist you in ensuring you receive the correct and best supplies. We handle all of the paperwork necessary for you to receive the product, whether insurance-related or other. We ship your items directly and discretely to your home. Don’t worry about reorders; one of our helpful staff will call with a friendly reminder when orders are ready to be renewed.


Many times, we can obtain the items at little to no out-of-pocket cost depending on insurance and regulations. You can trust PRN Devices to know what to do to assure your least amount of out-of-pocket expenses and to address your specific needs. You can have the comfort of care and our assurance of your satisfaction.

Need to Know/FAQs - Working With PRN


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